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Sue facilitated a memorial ceremony recently for a dear friend, Randi Larson, who has flown to the stars. Little Bear was very interested in the drumming and participated alongside his humans.

October 2023

Memorial for Tokitae Aug. 2023

On Sunday, August 27th, the Lummi Nation, as well as numerous other tribes, organizations and individuals, gathered together on San Juan Island to remember beloved Orca Tokitae, also known as Lolita during her years at the Miami Seaquarium. The Lummi Tribe calls her Sk'alich'elh-tenant. For those who may not know the story, Toki was captured at the age of 4 in the waters off Whidbey Island, along with several other orcas, all of which were sentenced to lives of confinement in various sea parks around the world. Toki went to Miami where she swam in a tank much too small for any whale, and was trained to perform for the public, which she did for 53 years. The local tribes and other organizations including The Orca Network, San Juan Island Whale Center, Sacred Sea and others continually advocated for her release. Her freedom was finally granted in 2023, and she was about to be relocated to a sea pen in her home waters, when she died abruptly, after having been in poor health for some time (though it had been thought to be improving). This was heart-breaking not only to those who loved and advocated for her in the Pacific Northwest, but for many people and groups around the world who wanted to see her freed. And so a memorial service was organized which hundreds of people attended, including Sue Averett and Erick Westphal, as emissaries from the One Earth One People Peace Vision. We met many beautiful people that day and were grateful to be able to join with such a significant event honoring the spirit of this incredible Being. Toki's life stood for something, as the consciousness of many humans and groups was raised regarding the rights of cetaceans and their need to swim freely. May we humans move forward from here in a better way. Thank you Tokitae for your years of sacrifice that ultimately helped to raise awareness. Maybe you swim freely now in spirit. As of this writing, Toki's ashes have been returned to the Lummi Nation - in spirit she is now Home.

Peace Vision founder Laynee Reyna honored on MLK Day​ 2023

Our beloved, dedicated, strong and wise founder, Laynee Reyna, was honored on January 16, 2023, along with two other wonderful folks, to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. Deepest gratitude and so much love to our dear Laynee Reyna, peacemaker and lightworker who has tirelessly strived to help raise the consciousness of humanity for the benefit of all life on earth.

Peace-Up for the Planet Fundraiser

Our PEACE-UP FOR THE PLANET event in June 2022, a fundraiser for the World Central Kitchen, was a tremendous success! Thanks to all who volunteered their time to make the evening spectacular, and to all who attended and had a great time!

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