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The Peace Vision ... Yesterday ...




One Earth One People Peace vision was originally formed in 1986 from the vision of indigenous leaders/teachers/peacemakers Laynee Reyna (Elayne Silva-Reyna) and Sonne Reyna (Juan Jose Reyna, Jr.) of San Juan Bautista, CA. They began inviting artists and cultural leaders from all tribes and nations to gather at a variety of festivals and events, and these gatherings grew in numbers over the years, bringing together folks of all ages, cultures and ethnicities to share dance, music, arts, crafts, food and community. All were welcome. Laynee and Sonne also offered a series of workshops for those interested in indigenous teachings, and they traveled to various places around the world to promote peace and unity.




.... and Today!!



Our two kind, loving founders and honored elders, Laynee and Sonne Reyna, recently announced their retirement from One Earth One People Peace Vision and invited Sue Averett and a team of peace visionaries to take the Peace Vision in new directions, while the Reynas focus upon writing books and creating art. (See the Founders page for more information on the Reynas)

Today's vision for One Earth One People Peace Vision is to strive to understand and appreciate not only our own familiar surroundings and communities, but peoples and communities around the world. We strive to inspire folks of all ages, countries and cultures from around the planet to create community in the spirit of manifesting/facilitating the paradigm shift that is occurring on the earth. This unfolding paradigm honors all of life and seeks to BE what it is we wish to SEE on this planet. BE the PEACE...... Be love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, thankfulness. Set the example and inspire others to do the same through actions of integrity and honorable intention. Live with minds, eyes and hearts wide open. Our original ancestors knew how to live this way - it's in our genetic code. Together we can do more than just survive, we can thrive. More people are waking up every day around the world, which in turn leads to even more folks awakening to a more mindful way of life.

We've had many wonderful people step-up to assist with and attend solstice and equinox gatherings, and other events we've hosted/facilitated. Thanks so much for those who have volunteered their time and energy to make these occasions meaningful and very special.



Laynee, also known as Bluebird Woman, created the original vision and logo for the

One Earth One People Peace Vision:

The Original Plan of Creator, Life Giver ....

That we are One People on One Earth,

That all Life is sacred, that the Earth is sacred,

that we must cherish and protect our Mother Earth,

Father Sky above and Oceans below.

That the races of humankind will live in harmony

with all living things, so that

seven generations to follow each generation - our future generations -

will live. The seven Eagle feathers represent these future generations

and our sacred ceremonies.

These sacred feathers carry our prayers to God, whom we call

Grandfather/Grandmother, Wakan-Tanka, Tunkashila,

that all our relations may live. It is one prayer.... PEACE.



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