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Indigenous Wisdom

An understanding of indigenous wisdom/earth based cultures and history can help deepen our understanding of how to approach living in greater harmony not only with humans, but with animals, and all of life, including the planet itself. This is not to say that our earliest ancestors were perfect or knew it all.... they had their own trials and tribulations, and challenges to overcome in life. In general, most if not all of these indigenous ones operated from the perspective that all life is sacred, and we must treat it as such, to maintain harmony and balance in ourselves and the world. Indigenous cultures took the perspective that we are all related - - one family. This was not just referring to people, but to animals, trees, rocks, rivers, oceans, skies, the earth itself. Humans and nature were not separate but part of a greater whole, what they may have referred to as something like The Great Spirit, The Great Mystery, or various other names for the infinite and vast source of life. Therefore, all of life was to be respected and revered. You will find resources below that provide valuable understandings around how we can choose to live today, to the best of our ability.


Recommended Books/Resources

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